Executive Committee 2021/22


U.S. Ambassador to Singapore

His Excellency Ambassador Ashok Kumar Mirpuri
Singapore Ambassador to U.S.

His Excellency Ambassador Tommy KOH
Special Adviser, Institute of Policy Studies

Executive Committee 2021/22

Mr Kim Seah Teck Kim President
A/P Tan Ming Jen Vice-President
Mr Casimir Kang Hon. Secretary
Mr Andrew Lee Asst Hon. Secretary
Dr Daniel Lee Hon. Treasurer
A/P Anne Pakir Member
Dr Daniel Ting Member
Dr Jeremy Lim Member
A/P Ooi Beng Yeow Vincent Member
Mr Jeremy Chan Member
Mr Ahmad Shah Nawaz Member
Dr Clayton Miller Member
Mr V Jesudevan Member
Prof Low Ee Ling Member
Ms Kelly Tay Member
Mr Stanley Park Hon. Auditor
Dr. Alvin Koh Hon. Auditor

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