New 2014/15 Fulbright Association (Singapore) Executive Committee

Please help us welcome the new Fulbright Association (Singapore) Executive Committee for 2014/15 that was selected at the 2014 Annual General Meeting:

President Jeremy LIM
Vice-President LEE Hsien Chieh, Daniel
Hon. Secretary Alvin KOH
Asst. Hon. Sec. TEO Eng Dih
Hon. Treasurer Vincent Ooi
Committee 1 LO Hong Yee
Committee 2 Kirpal SINGH
Committee 3 Jean YONG
Committee 4 TONG Ming Jen
Committee 5 HE Jia Wen
Committee 6 Stanley PARK
Committee 7 Anne PAKIR
Committee 8 Kim SEAH

Contact information can be found on the Executive Committee page:

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