Synopsis: The role of scholarships has come under intense scrutiny in recent years and many now debate, even aggressively, the worth and value and aims of scholarships such as the Fulbright. It is therefore timely that a discussion centering on the value of our Fulbright Scholarship/Fellowship be held. More importantly, this discussion is to have Prof Howard Hunter –eminent in his legal field- the former President of SMU share his insights and experiences in regard to both the issue of the Fulbright grants/awards as well as University education as a whole.

Please RSVP to: HO_Kaiwei@moh.gov.sg

Date: May 29th 6.00 – 7.30pm

Venue: Meeting Room 5.4 –school of business, Singapore Management University

Speaker: Prof Howard Hunter (CV: http://smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/law/pdf/howardhunter.pdf)


6.00pm — Arrival of guests, wine and cheese

6.15pm — Welcome

6.20pm — Start of discussion –led by Prof Howard Hunter

7.00pm — Thank You wine and cheese (contd)

7.30pm – End

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